Project Description

‘The Water Catchers 2015’

children’s short films


A series of children’s short films for Hunter Water

Channel Zero came to us with a brief to help 9 schools create short films that explained how water gets to our taps. The stories were to be written by the primary school age students and then our team along with the producers at Channel Zero would help to bring those stories to life. The children and famillies would watch the short films on a Hunter Water microsite and vote for their favourite to win a prize.

This was no mean feat – in order to keep within the time frame required by the campaign we needed to shoot two short films per day, in roughly 3 hour blocks. With no time to rehearse or meet with the schools before shooting, our pre-production had to be absolutely spot on. Due to budget constraints our crew consisted of two co-directors Amber Todd and Tristan Kenyon who shared the duties of cinematography and sound recording. Channel Zero’s Charlotte Baldwin provided excellent support with props and costumes on the day as well as acting as production assistant throughout the shoot. The groups of kids became actors, boom operators, grips and gaffers on set as we recruited all available bodies into the making of the films.

Our experience shooting show reels with actors and a lot of time spent working with children made this campaign a not too daunting experience. Because this year’s short films called for a number of fantastical elements which we saw fit to deal with in post so a lot of shoot became green screen on location in the schools. In post-production we added various elements that we were unable to create in reality as well as giving the kids a taste of special effects that they could recreate with their teachers.