Project Description

‘Volunteer Guide’

help guide video

MAY 2018

A help guide video for volunteers on Jean’s for Genes Day 2018.

We have worked on a number of different projects with Lorel Colgin from the Children’s Medical Research Institute. This time she contacted us ahead of the 25th Anniversary of Jean’s for Genes. She needed us to create a short video for volunteers that would help explain what they could expect on the day.

The marketing team at Children’s Medical Research Institute came to us with a rough brief and a script outline. We took the draft script and re-wrote it to make it possible for Guy Fenton to perform. The first version contained a lot of graphics which we trimmed back in favour of visuals and voiceover.

Something that a lot of our clients forget when they draft their own scripts is that video is both visual and aural and you don’t have to do the same thing in those ‘channels’ at the same time. We knew that it would be more engaging for the audience to see more interplay between what they were seeing, reading and hearing, rather than just echoing the same ideas. We carefully planned out a script that contained the voiceover, visuals, and graphics and got the approval of the CMRI marketing team.

Our shooting schedule was tight, only a day to cover all the scripted content with Guy, as well as the b-roll (pictures) and some vox pops. So we carefully scheduled the day to make the best use of the scientists who had volunteered to be extras. Amber Todd shot using a monopod for ease of movement and covered sound with radio mics so she could shoot solo.

Post-production was very smooth as we were just editing to our carefully considered and approved script. There are a number of stakeholders involved at Jean’s for Genes so the approval process had to be conducted carefully. Vimeo review made it very simple for us to receive feedback and everyone was super happy with the finished result.