Project Description

‘Brand Without a Bottle 2018’

educational ad campaign

JULY 2018

An educational ad campaign for Sydney Water

Channel Zero approached us for the second year running, to help them produce an educational ad campaign for Sydney Water. Year seven and eight students in NSW submit scripts for films that encourage people to choose tap water over bottled water. The students explore the art of persuasion in an educational ad campaign, while we create content for a microsite. Sydney Water’s aim is to change the target audiences perceptions around drinking tap water.

Channel Zero and Sydney Water select the finalist scripts that we receive to begin pre production on. Because these are scripts written by children, we have to rework the stories a little to make them shootable. We need to make sure that we can shoot the script in a four hour period, as we have found this is the maximum amount of time for the kid’s attention span.

The pre-production process is fairly intense. Most of the teachers have little idea of what their kids have got them into by entering the competition, so we need to spend some time in communication with them first. Logistics are always problematic when scheduling shoots in schools. What times will the bells ring. What students have learning or behavioural difficulties? Where in the school can we safely film?

We also need to work out what sets, props and costumes are needed so that Channel Zero along with the schools can bring these to life. We spent a lot of time working on some of the films that required less realistic elements, like kangaroos and talking bottles of water!

The films were shot by a crew of two, Amber Todd directed and operated the camera while Florence Florens recorded sound and helped with acting coaching. Because both are teachers they were able to work effectively with the kids to maintain their interest and learning outcomes throughout.