Project Description

‘Pro-Can GameChanger’

video for supporters


A video for supporters of the Children’s Medical Research Institute’s Pro-Can technology

Pro-Can helps The Children’s Medical Research Institute to diagnose tumours and predict treatment for cancer. The scientists at CMRI were only able to implement the Pro-Can technology thanks to it’s supporters. Their marketing team came to ginja ninja to help them say thank you in a video for supporters.

We have interviewed scientists at the CMRI before and know the staff there well, which helped. The marketing team at CMRI, headed up by Lorel Colgin, helped us with the first draft of questions. Amber Todd, our director, spent some time refining those questions before the interview. We find that interviews always work better when we have been involved in the pre-production of the interview itself.

Dr. Phil Robinson is a confident and skilled interview subject so the interview itself was a breeze. Our client Lorel conducted the interview so that our director could maintain focus on the camera. We often choose to work in this way with charitable institutions because it allows us to be as economical as possible with their budget. It doesn’t always work, but when our clients can interview it is a great way to save money.

One of the challenges of shooting on location in a science lab is noise from air conditioners. This was problematic here but we attempted to address the issue as best we could by moving Phil away from the ideal ‘backdrop’ to a location which had better sound. We knew that we would be cutting away to lots of b-roll footage of the lab and so Phil’s interview would mostly consist of voiceover. We were also able to clean up the sound a little more during post-production.

The additional footage of the lab was shot by Amber on a monopod. She worked very swiftly so as to disturb the scientists work as little as possible.