Project Description

‘Optus Community Grants’

video case studies

JUNE 2013

A series of video case studies for Fuel Communications to document success stories from the Optus Community Grants project.

Optus gave grants to three community groups in 2012 and asked their PR agency Fuel Communications to document those stories as video case studies. We were approached by Fuel with a basic brief to focus on the difference and impact the funding had made to those who participated in the program. Their goal was to encourage people to apply for a grant in 2013. We were to create the video case studies for the Optus website.  Their target audiences were Optus franchisees and non-of-profit organisations.

We filmed the three video case studies on location where the programs were taking place.

The ‘Lingo on the Block Program’ was based at the Centre for Indigenous Excellence. One of the challenges we faced in this video was actually getting the young people to agree to be filmed. In order to gain their trust, we spent some time filming b-roll footage of them boxing. This helped to break the ice. We sealed the deal when we agreed to conduct the interview ‘group style’ so no individual felt exposed.

Filming the ‘Banksia Unit’ video case study was a real highlight for us. The children so happy to be on camera and proudly showed us the way that they play with their iPads. Their parents were excellent interview subjects and really opened up to us on camera. We were delighted with the quality of the interviews.