Project Description

‘The Valuation Journey’

HR video

JULY 2016

A series of HR videos for Opteon Solutions

Opteon Property Group approached us to make four HR videos. Their priority was to make the videos engaging and not traditionally corporate. We found this was a little tricky because the key messaging and language had to be both technically and legally correct. We also felt that there was a risk that the videos would be very dry if we didn’t handle them in the right way.

We knew our first challenge was how to approach the story-telling.

How could we make the valuation process come to life visually? How would we tell the story so that potential employees watching the HR videos could see if the job might be for them?
We started with the marketing team at Opteon. We needed to write a voice-over script, but in order to know what to write, we needed to know what the valuers did. So we went out with some Opteon valuers to experience a day in their lives. This research gave us a clear insight into what story we should tell.
Once our narration was written, we tested it with internal stakeholders. We have found through experience that getting our clients to sign off on the script is the best way to keep our projects on time and within budget. It prevents that scope blowout that occurs when the story is not defined clearly.

Next, we had to work out how to tell the story visually.

We decided that the best way to achieve a level of reality in the images was to use real valuers and not actors. We knew that working with people who are not experienced on camera would make the shoot more challenging but felt that this would give us more reality in the piece.
Ginja ninja always look to find a way to make talent feel comfortable and safe. This is especially important when we work with non-actors. For the Opteon HR videos, we kept our crew size tiny. Our director Amber Todd shot all the footage while directing the actors herself. She chose a doco-style shoot, on location – at the Opteon offices and in a private home. Amber avoided complex setups and highly choreographed action and simply captured the valuers at work.
Finally, Opteon took the videos and screen-tested them as part of an internal approval process. Their feedback allowed us to further refine the story and messaging.