Project Description

‘Jeans for Genes 2018’

fundraising promo video

MAY 2018

A fundraising promo video for the Children’s Medical Research Institute

Fundraising is a major part of any charitable organization, and Jean’s for Genes Day is one of Australia’s major charities. This time the marketing team behind J4G day needed help encouraging volunteers to sign up. They wanted a fundraising promo video that would inspire people to support the cause and tell them what they could do.

The marketing team wrote a first draft of the script which we edited. We needed to make it easier for our presenter Guy Fenton to perform. This is a step we often take with our clients to make things easier for their talent. So often marketing teams don’t take time to read scripts aloud which means they don’t realise how hard it is to actually say what they’ve written!

We were extremely lucky to work with Guy Fenton, a scientist working at the Children’s Medical Research Institute. He has a lot of experience presenting with channel 7 and was a perfect face for this fundraising promo video. Choosing the right talent is crucial for a piece of social media content and we feel that the marketing team nailed it here.

We only spent two hours shooting with Guy in the CMRI foyer because we decided this story needed pictures. The Jeans for Genes team at Children’s Medical Research Institute access to great video marketing assets created by other video producers. We were able to use footage from past events and campaigns to create a story representing the last 25 years of J4G day.

We did need to shoot some additional footage of volunteers at work where there were gaps in the video assets. This meant using scientists and members of the marketing team in ‘mocked up’ volunteer scenarios around the institute. We had a very tight time frame to capture this footage and Amber had to work with non-actor talent but our client was really happy with the results.