Project Description

‘Jeans for Genes Gala’

event presentation video

JULY 2015

An event presentation video for CMRI

The Children’s Medical Research Institute approached us because they wanted to capture their last year’s achievements in a fundraising video that could live on their website as well as be shown at a Gala event. They wanted the video to inspire others to join them and support their work while showcasing some of their recent success.

We believed that their content would be best served by hearing directly from the researchers themselves so opted for a ‘talking-heads’ doc style approach to the piece.

We spent 3 days shooting a series of interviews and vox pops with researchers, assistants and heads of department in the labs as well as a lot of visuals for overlay. We had to keep a very low profile so as not to disrupt the scientists in their work and so we Amber Todd worked as a solo operator, conducting the interviews, shooting and recording sound.

Our choice of camera – the Sony FS7 also played a role in keeping the shoot smooth and efficient and was able to handle the extreme exposure changes as we moved through labs with very different lighting states.

Post-production involved transcribing up the interviews so that it would be easier for the researchers and marketing team at CMRI to feedback to us on the video’s messaging. This also allows for CMRI to come back to us at a later date and request quite specific changes for recuts of this video that might be targeted at specific donors.